Seniors Singing “I Was Here” at the Monday Assembly

Seniors Ryan O’Connor and Franny Koneval had the privilege of singing in the kickoff assembly for Wish Week on Monday. They sang Beyonce’s “I Was Here” as a duet.

“It was very different,” Koneval said. “That duet was us trying to put our best foot forward so that choir’s talent can finally be shown. We normally aren’t showcased at assemblies.”

At the assembly, Koneval and O’Connor were also accompanied by students from Mountain Ridge Middle School and other elementary schools in the area.

“It was fun, especially when we got to see all the little kids, because that was the first time Ryan and I got to see them. The rest of the choir had already seen them a couple weeks prior, but that was the first time we got to work with everyone,” Koneval said.

The two seniors sang the beautiful rendition of “I Was Here”after a very emotional video that shared Asher’s story with the students of Mountain Vista High School, adding to the poignant feeling of the assembly.

“I’m a very emotional person so I was crying,” Koneval said about the video. “But the most nerve-wracking part [of the performance] was that this was the first time choir was really being showcased, so I was more worried about my not doing my best than I was about being in front of being in front of people.”

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