Senior Cording and Award Ceremony



Monday, May 16 marked a momentous occasion for Mountain Vista’s seniors. The graduating class of 2016 attended Vista’s 12th annual cording and senior awards ceremony last night.

In total, just over 300 invitations to the cording ceremony were sent out by administration, however, only about 275 students attended. A total of 94 seniors received highest academic honors, 73 received high academic honors, and 65 received academic honors.

“People at the district level just can’t believe, when compared to other school districts, how high Mountain Vista ranks,” Susie Durdy, Administrative Assistant to Principal Mike Weaver said. “It’s pretty impressive.”

Unlike past ceremonies, the cords were set on student’s chairs for them to put on themselves; each student was called up individually and each of their cords was announced. The gym was packed full of family members and friends supporting a senior who was being corded.

In addition to the cording ceremony, Vista also held the annual senior awards ceremony located in the auditorium.

Administration sent out 75 invitations to the award ceremony, Durdy remarked that it was much more exclusive than the cording ceremony. This ceremony includes everything from department awards to awards for the senior with the most community service hours.

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