Roots and Shoots Club


Roots and Shoots club, also known as environmental club, is based off the idea of the Jane Goodall Institute, an organization whose main goal is to care for the environment.

“[The purpose of our club is] to raise awareness for animal species and get our school marked as a Green Ribbon school,” said senior Gabrielle Camp, officer of Roots and Shoots Club.Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 5.58.34 PM

The Green Ribbon award is awarded to schools who improve the health and wellness of thier students and staff as well as schools who are rated “exemplary” in reducing their impact on the environment by being more energy efficient and sustainable.

The club had their first meeting on Sept. 3 in room U413 during the last 30 minutes of SOAR.

“I want to major in wildlife biology and I’ve always liked environmental studies,” Camp said. “I’ve asked Schwendy (Wendy Schwendeman) every year and it has never been a thing.”

Roots and Shoots Club also wants to get recycling going in the school as a first step towards getting Mountain Vista marked with the Green Ribbon.

“[Our goals this year are] to get our school marked as a green ribbon school, raise awareness for dying species and get respect for the club,” Camp said.

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