Rocktober Miracle


The 2007 season for the Colorado Rockies was one that will be etched into the memories of fans, players and anyone who watches Major League Baseball (MLB) forever. The Rockies won 21 games in 29 days, losing just one game on their way to accomplishing the impossible.

The team was lead by Troy Tulowitzki, Matt Holliday, and Josh Fogg. Fogg, also known as the dragon slayer, pitched in game 163, the first playoff game of the season.

The pressure of the play-in-game was unable to crack the all-star shortstop, Troy Tulowitzki, was was 4-7 a RBI and 3 runs scored. The final score of the game was 9-8, with the hometown team securing the win. The game was ended on a walk-off sacrifice fly by Jamey Carroll and the run was scored by Matt Holliday, the all-star left fielder.

The team was then able to move onto the National League Divisional Series (NLDS) against the Philadelphia Phillies.

In the NLDS, the team swept the best of five series winning the first three games. After the win the team had a seven games series with the Arizona Diamondbacks which they again, swept by winning the first four games.

The team at this point had not lost a game in the entire playoff season, which only filled hearts of the Rockies fans as they took on the Boston Red Sox in the World Series.

This is when the miracle of “Roctober” came to an end. The team was swept in the World Series losing the first four games to the Red Sox who celebrated their accomplishment on the home field of the Colorado Rockies.

The season was one to remember and although the team eventually fell short, it was a moment this whole state will never forget.

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