Returning Peer Internships



Another school year comes another semester of Peer Intern. Junior Hannah Murphy and sophomore Sean Peralta are in second period together. “I was a peer intern last year,” Murphy said. “I joined again because it was amazing. I had so much fun meeting with all of the students and it was a really relaxing class. You feel so good about yourself when you’re with all of the happy kids.”

When asked how he liked working with Hannah, Peralta said he wasn’t sure. Peralta and Murphy haven’t worked much together, but they’re hoping they will in the future. “We were in the same class last year but we never really worked together,” Murphy said.

Murphy said she is excited for this year. “Last year I was in English classes with them, but this year I’m doing electives and math. It’ll be a different environment,” Murphy said.

Peer intern will be an ongoing class for the 2014-2015 school year at Mountain Vista High School.


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