Republican Party Slipping


The Republican Party is quickly losing its grip on the presidential race as Hillary Clinton is rapidly gaining delegates while Republicans have been focusing on GOP candidate Donald Trump’s antics. A recent poll in Florida reported by Politico shows that Clinton is beating Donald Trump by 13 points.

The Washington Post predicts, “if Clinton wins Florida and carries the 19 states (plus D.C.) that have voted for the Democratic presidential nominee in each of the last six elections, she will be the 45th president. It’s that simple.”

Should Clinton win 19 states and D.C, as every other Democratic nominee has won from 1992 to 2012, she will have collected 242 electoral votes. If Florida’s 29 votes are added in, Clinton will have 271 votes, enough to secure the presidential position.

Perhaps the fact that Republicans have not actively sought the minority votes of Hispanics and women has contributed to this political downfall they are currently seeing in the polls. Many states growing in ethnicity such as North Carolina are distancing themselves from the Republican political party in favor of Democrats. While some states like Wisconsin may have recently tipped in the Republican favor, they remain largely skeptical.

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