Redesigning for Better Learning Environments


Jake Sabot, Kelly Paulson and Jason Fisher’s English II and IV classes all are working on a project to redesign an ideal classroom.IMG_0263 copy

“We’re redesigning the classroom to make a better learning space for students,” sophomore Caitlin Gaddis said.

By putting the responsibility of redesign into students hands, they’ll be able to build an environment they feel best suits them.

“One thing we thought of was to use round tables to enable more collaboration,” Gaddis said.

The overall idea of the project was to allow students to not only create their learning environment, but also to be able to defend their argument as to why they designed their space the way that they did.

“[The students] have to write out an essay or rationale as to why they chose that learning space, why it’s best, how it’s adaptable and equitable,” Paulson said.

Unlike certain projects, what the students in these classes are working now will become a reality.

“I’m part of a group called Create Something Great with the [school] district. [We’re] doing things like redesigning a classroom to fit a twenty-first century environment,” Paulson said. “They’re going to choose the best [design] and provide us with the furniture.”


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