Q&A With Mrs. Cox On Her New Dice Game


A question and answer with Mrs. Cox on her dice game Biscuits, that she and her husband are creating into a globally known game for drunk adults.

Could you explain the general rules of the game?

Biscuits is a dice game involving many different sided dice for each player. A biscuit is when a dice is rolled into its maximum number. For example, the maximum number for a six sided dice is six. Each turn, a player must take off all biscuits that were rolled. When there are no biscuits rolled, one dice that has the number closest to the maximum number is taken off, and the player receives a negative score of the number rolled subtracted from the maximum number. For example, if there are no biscuits and a five is rolled from a six sided dice, the player receives one negative point. The goal is to end up with the least amount of negative points at the end of the game.

What sparked the idea of biscuits and why did you guys want to make it?

My husband and I were at a board game night, and many different types of dice were everywhere. My husband just grabbed many different dice and started rolling, making up the game as he went.

Why did you and your husband name it (expletive that rhymes with biscuits)?

My husband was yelling [expletive that rhymes with biscuits] every time he rolled one, and the name just stuck! He plays the game with his students, which is where the name biscuits stemmed from.

What were some challenges you and your husband faced in creating the dice game?

We needed to make the dice game a cost effective business for us, and to do that, we needed to mass purchase many of the dice, up to thousands at a time.

How did you and your husband overcome these challenges to get where you are today?

We set up a kickstarter to fund this mini business, which turned out to be a complete success. Friends, family, and strangers from across the world had faith in our game. We ended up surpassing our $3,000 goal and raised more than double, at $6,753! My husband also did a lot of networking, talking with the right people, to help spread the word.

What is the ultimate goal you and your husband have for your dice game in the future?

Our goal is for [expletive that rhymes with Biscuits] to be known internationally. Already, people from Russia, Ethiopia, England, and many countries have requested the game. We are hoping that by the end of October or November, [expletive that rhymes with Biscuits] will be available for purchase all around the world. The dice game will be available soon on gluebunnygames.com!


See the game on KickStarter here.

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