Q&A With Maya Winslow


After all of the inspiring speeches given by the school’s presidential candidates, the majority of the student body gave their votes to junior Maya Winslow. As she said in her speech, she aims to better the school environment and help students stop caring about cliques and popularity. She hopes to create a community within the school that cares about being a good person and spreading kindness, but don’t take my word for it. Here are the words spoken from Mountain Vista’s 2018-2019 Student Body President.

Q: What inspired you to want to be a leader within the school?

A: What inspired me is my love for Vista. Since I was a freshman, I’ve seen great student body presidents and I knew I wanted to bring that same joy, involvement, and kindness to our school.

Q: How have you been a leader in other aspects?

A: I like to assume [a] leadership role because I love to build others up. I want to be a leader that makes people feel happy and good about themselves. [I don’t like] leaders that tear others down; I want to fill this leadership role to ensure that others are being built up.

Q: How do you plan to change the school for the upcoming year?

A: The biggest thing I want to do is get everyone involved and make sure everyone is heard. I think our school has the biggest growth and the biggest strides when we are all working together.

When my sister was in high school her best memory was her senior year because everyone stopped worrying about cliques and popularity. When that happened everyone came together and enjoyed their experience which is what I plan to bring to Vista.

Q: How are you going to create this type of environment?

A: I think it starts with student leadership. If everyone there puts out a positive message and spreads kindness I think it will follow, especially if the upperclassmen behave that way.

Q: After a year of commotion from walkouts and shootings, how do you plan to make sure everyone not only feels cared about, but safe?

I think it goes back to building this environment of kindness. If everyone feels welcome and we work together to breed that environment then everyone can feel encouraged and appreciated. [They can be] willing to speak up [because] everybody deserves their own voice and to be accepted for it.

Q: If you could share one piece of advice with the entire school, what would it be?

A: Spread kindness always!

Q: What do you most look forward to next year?

A: I’m most looking forward to getting everyone involved. My freshman year, school spirit was really high and everyone was really into all of the events and I want to recreate that. I want people to be excited to go to school when their alarm goes off in the morning.

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