Q & A with Charles Schley


Do you know how many freshmen are on the varsity team?

“Three, including me.”

What’s it like being a freshman on the varsity team? Was the team welcoming?

“The team was really welcoming, I kind of joined later in the year so that was kind of hard, but they were super open and positive. I don’t think it was really different being a freshman on the team.”

Was it different being the only guy on the team?

“It was definitely different because in the dance world guys are pretty rare, but the team accepted it well and it was awesome.”

How long have you been dancing?

“I have been dancing for a total of about three years.”

Why did you join poms?

“I joined poms because both my sisters are on the team so I thought I would follow with what they were doing. I also really wanted a state title so I was working really hard for that.”

How close are you to the other members of your team?

“I think I’m really close to them because I do student leadership with some of them and I have classes with some of them and I kind of knew a lot of them because both my sisters are on the team. Whenever they would come over I would get to see all of them and they all know me.”

Was it harder for you to join in the middle of the season?

“Yes because I had to learn to dance and they had to alter the dance to add me in because at the beginning of the year I didn’t think I was going to do it until one of their dancers got injured.”

Are you happy that you joined?

“Yes, I’m very happy I joined. I thought it was a really good experience and it was lots of fun.”

Are you planning on continuing poms throughout high school?

“I don’t know, I haven’t decided what I’m going to do next year but I think I might.”

What’s the name of your dance studio?

“Michelle Latimer’s Dance Academy in Greenwood Village.”

Check out interviews with other MVHS students and faculty in issue 4 of the Eagle Eye, which will be distributed during school on Feb. 11.

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