Proposed Change in P. E. Requirements

LEXI WEINGARDT  As you all probably know, our district requires high school students to take two physical education classes, that account for one credit of P. E. to graduate.

According to Alex Greven, president of the Student Advisory Group and a junior at Castle View High School, P. E. waivers actually do exist in Douglas County, however they are not commonly known and they are very hard for students to obtain.

School districts around us, such as Adams County and Cherry Creek offer a one-time waiver for 0.5 of a credit, or one physical education class, if students participate in athletics or “sanctioned activities” such as marching band.

The Student Advisory Group has been working on the issue of P. E. credit with Corey Wise, the district’s director of high school education.

Greven feels that this credit would be extremely helpful to many students, specifically ones that would rather take classes like fine arts and music rather than P. E. credits. By participating in athletics outside of school or even programs such as marching band, those students would still be able to graduate.

Many students at MVHS agree with Greven.

“It would be cool if the stuff you do outside of school helps you in school,” junior Anna Van Leuven said. “It would be awesome to get credit for [extracurricular activities].”

However, the point has also been brought up that giving students a P.E. credit outside of school may lead to the elimination of one or several P.E. positions.

“I went to a high school where we got credit for playing sports, but the reason [my school] did that is to cut back on positions,” history teacher and MVHS Varsity Girl’s and Boy’s Head Tennis Coach said. He also said that it may benefit students to experience other sports, besides the one they play competitively.

Ultimately the decision rest on the shoulders of each individual school’s principal, but the Student Advisory Group will be working with the superintendent and individual schools in the district in the next few months to come up with a formal proposal.

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