Prom is one of the biggest events for high schools students. Getting asked, or asking someone, to prom can be both nerve racking and the most exciting part of prom. Promposals are becoming more and more creative every year, so in honor of the creativity, featured below are some of Vista’s 2016 Promposals. Vista’s prom is Friday, April 22.

promposal1Christian Holton, senior, asked Hannah Stevens, senior, to prom with a poster that read “I’m not horsing around, Prom?”








promposal2Zach Lazarus, junior, asked his girlfriend Savanah Howard, sophomore, to prom with a poster themed from a song by her favorite artist, G-Eazy.

“I asked her that way because she has always loved G-Eazy and we went to his concert together so I thought it would be a clever idea,” Lazarus said.


Senior Tyler Felske asked Emma Ingram from ThunderRidge High School to Vista’s prom.

“She says lit a lot so I made a poster. [What I wrote] didn’t take up enough room so I drew the 100 emoji,” Felske said.







Using a sign with a March Madness bracket of their favorite dates junior Max Dunevitz asked his girlfriend Dani Mills, sophomore, to prom.

“I thought it was very sweet and creative how he tied it in with March Madness,” Mills said.




prom5Paige McGuire, junior, asked her boyfriend Matthew Johnson, sophomore, by spelling out “prom?” in baseballs in his yard and a sign that read “Because I’m the only girl with enough balls to ask…”

“I got the idea off Pinterest,” McGuire said. “My favorite part of asking Matt to prom was that I got to make it something different, and it wasn’t mainstream.”


prom6Davis Auth, junior, asked Gabs Brown, sophomore, using a sign that read “It would be sweet if you rolled to prom with me!” and a pan of cinnamon rolls.







Spencer Fairbairnprom4, senior, asked his girlfriend Sarah Lissek, senior, to prom with a pair of Nike Roshe shoes.

“My favorite part was how much of a surprise it was. I was just going over to his house for dinner and I walk in and he asked me to prom,” Lissek said.




prom8Kelsey Pharis, senior, asked Hunter Sanboran from Arapahoe High School to prom with a sign that read “You like Ted Cruz, but I like you. Prom?”







prom9Cameron Kroonenberg, junior, asked Taryn Bond, junior, to prom with a poster that looked like a camera and read “Can you picture us together @ Prom?”

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