PROFILE: Regan Lavallee


When junior Regan Lavallee was in eighth grade, she made the decision to join the Student Leadership (StudLE) team at Vista. She gave a speech to her peers that earned her a position in StudLE, giving her the opportunity to play a role in bringing the student body together and to lead her class through the school year. As a freshman, sophormore and junior at Vista, she acted as a member of the organization, helping to plan, organize and set up school events for the Vista community to participate in.

Next year, however, Lavallee will step up to a new role: student body president. Running against four other junior candidates in last week’s election assembly, she was able to convince her peers that she was the leader most suited for the position.

“I think [the hardest part about the speech] was honestly just going out there and doing it. It’s always kind of intimidating talking in front of that many people but it was also really exciting,” Lavallee said. “I was very happy [that I won] because it is something that I have been looking forward to doing since freshman year so for it to finally happen was just really rewarding.”

As president, one of Lavallee’s responsibilities will be to delegate tasks for the other members of StudLE in order to organize the group for major events, like Homecoming and Wish Week. On top of that, she will also have the opportunity to make a difference in the school.

One impact Lavallee hopes to have on the student body is to get more people involved in school activities by ensuring that each club and activity is equally recognized. She noticed that, in the past, most announcements by StudLE regarding school events on social media were focused on major sports teams and less on other groups in the school, like orchestra or even JV sports.

“I think just giving everyone a shout out every once in awhile just kind of reminds people that everyone is here and everyone is supporting you and I think that at the end of the day if they feel welcomed and they feel a part of it then all of a sudden more people will want to get involved in what Vista does,” Lavallee said.

Overall, Lavallee is concentrated on building a strong foundation for her leadership in the StudLE organization.

“I think [the most important part of being student body president] is honestly just being someone that the rest of leadership can look to and just being responsible,” Lavallee said. “I think as long as leadership is organized and as long as we are unified and everything then it is so much easier to make things happen for the school.”


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