Pride Week


This week is Pride Week here at Vista. In support of the Gay Straight Alliance Club, take part in this week of unity.

GSA has organized dress up days to help get students involved in this week. Tomorrow is a whiteout (you can also get your face painted in the cafeteria before school), on Wednesday wear tye-dye, Thursday wear Vista Green and Friday is a blackout.

The objective of Pride Week is to “respect diversity of all kinds,” said science teacher and club sponsor Lori Schwendeman.

“As teams garner visual support through ‘blackouts’ and ‘whiteouts’ we are gaining support by being visually united,” senior Kira Amels said. “Especially for those struggling, seeing others support them with a button or an outfit is comforting.”

This week is very important to members of the GSA community.

“We are proving that Vista is a home of love and acceptance, and it means the world to members of GSA to see the Vista community support us,” Amels said. “It is not just about wearing a color, it’s about coming together, being unified and standing up against hate.”

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