Preview: Vista Madness

Wish Week 2016 is introducing a new event on Wednesday, Feb. 17th at 7p.m. Vista Madness is where a team of Mountain Vista High School teachers will play basketball against a team from ThunderRidge High School and Mountain Ridge Middle School.

Neathery Manucci is one of the teachers on the Mountain Vista team. As excitement builds for the game, how does she prepare? What are some tricks she has ready for the game?

Q&A with Neathery Manucci:

Why did you decide to participate in the game?

“I decided to participate in the teacher game because lately I’ve been practicing my free-throws a lot,” Manucci said. “I thought I needed a place to show them off, so I thought that would be a good option. I also played basketball in high school.”


What have you been doing to prepare for this event?

“I go to 24 Hour Fitness and I like to shoot hoops,” Manucci said. “I do 10 lay-ups on each side.”


Can you shoot a three-pointer?

“I can drain a three every once in awhile and I then look around and I really hope someone saw me do it,” Manucci said.


What are you looking forward to about playing in the Vista Madness game?

“I am looking forward to the students being there and getting a chance to just have fun and either cheer our successes or laugh at our mistakes,” Manucci said. “Just the overall atmosphere of excitement for a better cause.”


What do you foresee the outcome of the game will be?

“We’ll kill it!”

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