P!nk Concert: Appropriate for Kids?


P!nkWorld famous P!nk came to Denver last Sunday, Jan. 17, to perform her “Truth About Love” concert for many anxious fans after it was cancelled last October the 18.

The concert was extremely entertaining and got everybody in the crowd on their feet singing as loud as the could to their favorite songs.

Many of P!nks songs have sexual innuendos that are very obvious to anybody who understands the words “sex” and “making love,” however many young children were there with parents.

I found this very odd considering she is open about singing songs about sex with curse words popping up every other sentence.

Even though some kids are so young they don’t know what is going on they can still regurgitate what they hear, not knowing what it means or what it is.

This will cause problems. What if the children go into their second grade class and start singing “I’m not a slut I just love love”, one of the phrases that was repeated multiple times during the concert?

Other than the fact that there were more kids there than there should have been, I think the concert was absolutely amazing.  The way she can incorporate acrobatics and singing and just the way she performs is amazing. Not to mentions she sings most songs live.


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