Places to Fish Near Highlands Ranch


Living in the suburbs, it seems as though there are limited places to fish close by. However, if you drive a few miles there is a plethora of fishing locations that will be sure to cure your school-related stress.

For just $8 a day and only about 12 miles away, Chatfield state park has a lot to offer. It’s full of catfish, bass, carp, trout, walleye and crappie so you’ll never end up empty handed. Just head towards Santa Fe drive and west on C-470.  The Colorado Division of Wildlife stocks the lake with rainbow trout periodically, but in the spring, the trout fishing is one of the best in the Denver area. “Sometimes after school, I go to Chatfield to get away. School can be stressful, and fishing is a nice way to relax,” Logan Relph, 11, said.

For a more Urban setting, you can try the Centennial Park Lake. For only 25 minutes away, the spring and early summer is wonderful for catching trout, bass and crappie. People are always seen taking home their limits. This lake is also periodically stocked and is known for being family friendly.

If you’re looking for some stream or river fishing, Waterton Canyon is located at South Platte River Road and W. Waterton Road. It is a free park in which the North Platte River runs through. With a short drive of only 25 minutes from Highlands Ranch and a minor hike to the riverside, you enter a lush canyon where mainly trout can be found. “The river is very calming,” Bobby Thomas, 11, said, “It definitely helps with stress.”

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