PHOTOS: The Talk Show

Seniors Val Urquhart and Alex Leavy hosted a show featuring Student Leadership and representatives from the Make-A-Wish-Foundation to warm the audience up for the introduction of the big star. Both of the organizations shared their thoughts on Wish Week at Mountain Vista with the audience before Gabby walked down the red carpet and took her spot on the couch for her segment. On top of being able to sit in the same gym as Gabby and listen to her answer her questions live, the student body was also in for another surprise: the return of former Wish Kid Kenyan, a.k.a. Super K. His goal was to help Gabby distribute the care packages students made in order to support the organization that Gabby and her family will be funding to support children in Africa. The show was broadcast live and can be accessed on the Vista Now Youtube channel.

Photos By Lauren Lippert, Gabe Barnard, Lauren Irwin, Ryan Karsten, Alex Simpson, Mikayla Olave, Greyson Koinzan, Erin Solomon, Brendan Elkins, Caitlin English, Lauren Cowie, Lexi Riga, Michael Place and Victoria Coffman

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