PHOTOS: Fall Jazz Concert


On Nov. 1, the Mountain Vista vocal and instrumental music departments hosted their annual Fall Jazz Concert. The concert included three of the school’s musical groups: the jazz ensemble, the Golden Silhouettes, and Syncopation.

For senior Anya Strauss, participating in the annual Jazz concert means widening her repertoire and expanding her musical horizons.

“[The Jazz concert] helps me to grow by reminding me to appreciate all types of musicians and not get caught up in just my own music,” Strauss said.

In addition to broadening students’ musical abilities, the Jazz concert also provides students with the opportunity to perform alongside different ensembles.

“The Jazz concert is cool because it’s a collaboration and it helps to unify the music department,” Strauss said. “It’s different to add a rhythm section, and it adds more life and intrigue to the music.”

Along with Strauss, junior Ian Spillman also thinks that the Jazz concert helps musicians grow by performing with other groups.

“Performing in groups is vital to growing as a musician,” Spillman said. “One of the most important parts of playing music is having the dynamic sense that only comes from playing in groups.”

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