Perfomance-enhancing Drugs in the Major Leagues

The use of performing-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in Major League Baseball (MLB) has been an hot topic for years. Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire and Alex Rodriguez were an enormous part of the steroid era.

The use of PED has continued on in MLB, with 8 players receiving suspensions. One of which, is Jenrry Mejia, pitcher for the New York Mets. Mejia is permanently suspended after being caught for the second time. PEDs are a game changer, in a negative way.

PEDs give players increased muscle strength that otherwise would be difficult for players to obtain. Studies have shown the drugs show notable effects within three weeks of taking the them.

Performance-enhancing drugs give players mental advantages as well. “[It] gives players a mental edge of confidence, and makes them feel like superman” said Turk Wendell , former pitcher for the New York Mets, Chicago Cubs, Colorado Rockies, and Philadelphia Phillies. .

PEDs help players recover faster from body aches and pains. This is a tremendous advantage during the 162 game season. 162 games is the longest season in any sport, starting in April and ending in September. “[They] help recovery, which is huge… during the long, tiresome baseball season” Wendell said.

Wendell was very outspoken about his feelings on PEDs, even being the first major leaguer to call Bonds on his use of steroids. Wendell said it’s is clear he used them just by looking at his body.

Steroids are hurting the game as a whole. They give the game an unnecessary element that change how the game is played. Players who use PEDs change the game into a beast’s game instead of a man’s game.

The game has been proclaimed as a thinking man’s game since the beginning. Steroids change that into a sole physical match instead of strategy and physical. The strategy of the game is what makes it interesting. The chess match between managers and players is what makes baseball the beautiful game it is.

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