“Ouija” Movie Review

As a Halloween thriller, the movie “Ouija” was expected to be the scariest movie of the week before Halloween. “Ouija” was directed by Stiles White and the main character, Laine, was played by Olivia Cooke.

“Ouija” was based on a Ouija Board that supposedly opens up a portal to the spirits to communicate. After Debbie used the Ouija Board alone, there was a clear path of killings from the spirits who were connected to Debbie and uses to Ouija Board. This all happens after the death of Laine’s sister, Debbie. The Ouija Board was used as a way to put some scare into the audience.

There were a lot of hints that gave away the scary parts, suspenseful music was one of them. The music would completely stop and there was just moments before something would pop out just like a typical scary movie.

The plot was very unclear. The main characters seemed to have boyfriends or husbands but seemed to still be in high school. There were a lot of confusion with the character’s roles. There were no parents anywhere. The movie would have been more of an emotional aspect if the parents spoke about their children’s death and how the Ouija Board needs to stop being playOuija_(película_de_2014)ed.

Save money and time, rent this movie on Redbox. It was not worth the high cost of movie tickets for a few jumps. “Ouija Board” is barely three out of five stars and that is being generous.

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