Orlando Day Four


Today was the second and final day of learning sessions at the NHSJC. Because the sessions I went to once again inspired me to work on things of my own, I only visited three sessions during the day.

The first one I showed up to began at 9:00 a.m. It was about covering the presidential elections, something Christian Holton and I plan to do in the next issue of the Eagle Eye.

Though the conversation began with the craziness of this election season’s primary lineup, it soon morphed into a lecture on political involvement among different age groups and localizing the big issues.

Senior citizens (unsurprisingly) have the best voter turnout ratio– 69 percent. The youngest bracket of voters (ages 18-24) only come to the polls about 38 percent of the time.

This single statistic encouraged my individual blog post for the day.

One other thing that massively stood out to me was a quote by Thomas P. O’Neill.  It read “All politics is local.”

What’s going on in the Douglas County school board is, obviously, local. What’s going on in the presidential election is, once again, local. What’s going on in Paris is, devastatingly, local.

Both of these ideas will begin a new element of Mountain Vista Media: incorporating the political ideas and thoughts from the student body. The plan is to use a hashtag (#MVpolitics) that Mountain Vista Media will follow to present ideas on the political occurrences in local, state, national and international governments.


MVM enjoys some ice cream while waiting for a ferry that never came. Instead, the crew walked over to Epcot from the Dolphin Hotel.

The last session I went to began at 1:00 p.m. I heard from a freelance reporter, Dalia Colón, about how to get involved in more freelance work.  

It was different than most sessions I’ve visited during my time here, but it was a good change. The tips and tricks she presented I’m sure will help me in my future.

After sessions ended, we headed back over to Disney World to use up the second day of our two-day passes.


MVM poses for a photo outside the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.

As we visited Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom, we got a lot done. At the first park of the day (Epcot) we saw a presentation of Oh Canada on the 360 degree screen. The presentation of the country left me in complete awe. The way technology has adapted to present a full view of the landscape of such a beautiful country was even more impressive.

We also rode Mission Space, a space simulator that tripped me out. The way Disney creates all of their rides, such as this one, is too much to believe.

At Hollywood Studios, I rode both Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror for the first time. In review, they were both awesome (and both short), but Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster took the cake.

We ended our Disney excursion at Magic Kingdom where Lauren Lippert, Kit Miller and I skipped the rides to watch the 11:00 o’clock parade and shop in the Emporium.

The lines leaving were some of the worst we saw all day, so we ended up waiting in line for a bus longer than we waited for any roller coaster.IMG_0530

Immediately upon returning to the hotel, a wave of exhaustion rolled over me. Tomorrow morning, we’ll head down to the awards ceremony to see who received awards in their personal write-offs before boarding the plane to head back home to the good old HR.

I’ll miss the warm weather (not so much the humidity), but what’s really going to suck is transitioning back into the traditional learning environment after spending a little bit of time continuously doing and learning about what I love to do.


Today was our last fun day here in Orlando. I had a morning full of sessions and spent the rest of the afternoon at Disney World. It’s really fun to be in a cool place where you can learn about different aspects of journalism that you either wanted to improve upon or just learn something new but also be able to go down the street and be at a full amusement park.


We spent our afternoon at the parks Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. The last time I was at Disney World I was really little and don’t remember much about so it was really cool to be able to see everything again in a new perspective. Personally I thought Epcot was really cool because it was fun to see little bits of places all around the world, but at Hollywood studios the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster was one of the best coasters I have ever riden.


I am going to miss this beautiful resort, but I’m also looking forward to some Colorado snow back at home.


Today, my sessions were about various topics. I met a fontaholic, received critiques from Team Storytelling, attended a session by my favorite leader, learned about the different levels of storytelling and learned about communication through writing.

The font session was really helpful for making sure the fonts we picked for the yearbook matched well. I also learned about the six different types of font families. Hopefully, what I learned from this session will apply to our yearbook and you guys will love it.

For Team Storytelling, a lot of our critiques came from simply not having enough time. There were a lot of small details that we didn’t have time to fix which would have improved the spread tremendously. We also received critiques about our pictures, which were posed instead of candid even though we knew better. Attention to small details is extremely important and this session reiterated that for me.

Then I attended “Stop and Stay Awhile” which was supposed to be about authentic storytelling but I enjoyed it because it was led by John Cutsinger. He is so enthusiastic and always interacts with the crowd. I love it. I gained a lot of ideas from his session for mod designs and photograph ideas. He put on a great session in Denver in the spring also so I was happy to attend a different one of his sessions.

My last two sessions were about writing. I learned a lot about how a story is communicated. For some stories, an infographic can be more powerful than a traditional story. It’s important to get feedback from your audience so you can know if the infographic was truly more powerful and adapt for next time.

After that, we took a little break and went back to Disney World. We visited Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom. It was cool walking around Epcot and “traveling the world” with all the different foods and decorations. Kelsey and I also became superheroes at Epcot. So as a Habit Hero, I must remind you to drink plenty of water, especially when you are outside! A while later we finally got to Hollywood Studios and I got to ride my absolute favorite ride- Tower of Terror. I love all the drops and the exhilarating feeling you get on it. To continue the excitement, we also went on Rock’n’Rollercoaster and rode in a stretch limo with Aerosmith. We needed a little calming after those two, so we hit up Toy Story and I whooped Kelsey in it. Then we headed over to Magic Kingdom for the parade and some more rides. It’s a Small World is actually slightly terrifying. I think it’s a great idea and the decorations are really intricate and beautiful but why dolls? Creepy.

Work hard, play hard was the motto for day four.

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