Orlando Day Five: A Trip in Review


Today wasn’t as eventful as the rest of the week was. All that MVM had on the to-do list was an award ceremony (though I almost missed it myself when I slept past my alarm thanks to a pretty late night at Disney).

It was kind of sad to wake up and know there weren’t any sessions to attend and consider that within a few hours I’d be on a plane back towards Denver.

Of course I’m excited to get home and start to work on things that need to be done to make sure MV Media is awesome, but the NHSJC is always one of the best weeks of my year.

Within only three learning days, I was presented with massive amounts of information and various techniques while also obtaining numerous ideas for what to cover in the future.

I hope that everyone who was with me at the convention shared the same experiences and will walk away with the same inspiration and readiness for the rest of the year.

FullSizeRender (3)

MVM rolls out of the hotel and heads off towards the airport to travel back to Denver International Airport.

Aside from just the knowledge I gained, the relationships I strengthened with the staff members I hung out with for hours on end (whether in Disney or in sessions) will be more impactful than anything else in making Mountain Vista Media as epic as it can be.

The commitment I saw from so many people from Vista was impeccable. I’m confident in our program, especially in years to come.


From left to right, senior Katie Pickrell, junior Kit Miller, junior Lexi Weingardt and adviser Mark Newton stand with the awards following the ceremony.

I’m going to miss Florida, of course. I’d never been there before and (besides the humidity) it was an amazing place– especially considering we stayed at a Disney World hotel.

I’m so grateful for the opportunities this convention presented me with and, honestly, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than head back to school on Monday and share everything I’ve learned.

Awards Won:

Kit Miller – Honorable Mention in Literary Magazine Layout

Katie Pickrell – Excellent in Yearbook Sports Photography

Lexi Weingardt – Honorable Mention in Review Writing


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