Optional ACT with Writing Section

LEXI WEINGARDT On Jan. 30, Wendy Strait, Head of the MVHS Counseling Department sent an email to juniors informing them that during the previous week, the State of Colorado “announced a one time voucher to students who need to take the ACT + writing.”

It is the opinion of Strait that it would be a better choice for students to take the regular ACT on April 19, along with the rest of their classmates.

However, some students have determined that taking the ACT with the writing portion is the best choice for them. “I plan on taking the writing portion because a lot of colleges that I want to go to look for students who have taken the writing portion on the ACT,” junior Abigayle Fisch said. “The advantages of taking the one with the writing portion, are that a lot more schools will accept it [the ACT with writing].”

Today, Feb. 4, the counselors met with the juniors during advisement and discussed this option.

During the meeting, Strait explained to students that if they so choose, they have the option to take the April 19 test in which no writing portion is offered, or the option to take the April 9 test which includes the writing portion, or both.

“I would take both, however I think the test with the writing portion offered would be best because it’s not that hard and it is a positive thing in the eyes of a lot of colleges,” Fisch said.

However, in order to take the test students must submit the Vouchers by tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. You can find the Voucher form on the email sent out by Strait on Jan. 30.

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