OPINION: “Logan” Trailer Thoughts (SPOILER ALERT)



Please note that the following will contain massive spoilers for the “X-Men” series (2000-present), “Old Man Logan” (2008-9), “The Dark Knight Rises” (2012), “Iron Man 3” (2013) and “The Death of Wolverine” (2014) as well as potential spoilers for “Logan” (2017). Proceed with caution.

The first teaser trailer for the tenth installment in the “X-Men” series and third installment in the “Wolverine” trilogy (2009-17) has been released online. This is a special moment for comic book and movie fans alike because Hugh Jackman has confirmed that after seventeen years, this will be the last time he will portray the character of Logan/Wolverine. Jackman has cited his battles with skin cancer and the physical difficulty of the stunt work required to play the character as the two main factors for his departure. Patrick Stewart has also been confirmed to reprise his role as Logan’s mentor and X-Men founder, Charles Xavier/Professor X, while Richard E. Grant, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, Eriq La Salle, Elise Neal, and Sienna Novikov will co-star in the film. Watch the full trailer and read the plot synopsis below:


Plot Synopsis: “Struggling with the loss of the X-Men to Nathaniel Essex, his decreased healing abilities, and Charles Xavier’s battle with Alzheimer’s, Logan ventures on a journey to get revenge on Essex by killing him. Accompanying him is his female clone, Laura Kinney.”

Now that the basics of this movie have been covered, let’s move on to my thoughts and predictions:

  1.      Wolverine will gain a family.

        The care that Wolverine shows towards Xavier in the trailer is how a son would treat his dying or aging father. The protection that Wolverine demonstrates over Laura is similar to how a father would defend his daughter. It is possible that Wolverine will finally receive a family through Xavier and Laura and feel the familial connection that he has been without for so many years. Perhaps, “Logan” may not be such a sad, dismal story with an unhappy ending after all and it could actually end with Logan peacefully settling down with his surrogate family.

  1.      This will the bloodiest “X-Men” movie ever and, quite possibly, one of the bloodiest superhero movies ever made.

During early production, one of the film’s producers, Simon Kinberg, confirmed that the team behind the film is aiming for an R-rating. The reason for this decision is the financial success of 20th Century Fox’s “Deadpool” (2016) which debunked the Hollywood myth that R-rated superhero movies are not economically beneficial. I suspect Kinberg and 20th Century Fox will try to take advantage of the R-rating by, rhetorically, letting the leash off of Wolverine and showing his bloody and graphic fighting style that has been censored in previous “X-Men” films. Again, this is also Jackman’s last time playing Wolverine, so it is safe to assume that he will go out with a bang by having Logan go absolutely ballistic.

  1.      Did Wolverine unintentionally kill the X-Men?

I can already picture you reading my theory in absolute disbelief and confusion, but hear me out; yes, I know the movie’s plot does state that Nathaniel Essex/Mister Sinister killed the X-Men, but there is a valid reason as to why this is likely:

“Logan” is heavily based off of the comic book series, “Old Man Logan”, whose story begins with the fact that Logan has not sheathed his claws for many years and has no intention of ever doing so again. The reason why he does this is because many years before the story began, “Spider-Man” villain, Mysterio, brainwashed Logan into thinking his fellow X-Men were actually supervillains trying to attack the younger students at the Xavier Mansion. Wolverine did not realize this until after he had murdered the last X-Man and was congratulated and thanked by Mysterio. The immense guilt and sorrow forced Wolverine into a secluded life in the Midwest, which is where he and Xavier mostly likely are in “Logan”.

Despite the fact that Wolverine does sheath his claws in the trailer, we still obviously see that Logan appears incredibly distraught and guilt-ridden, so it is more than reasonable to predict his depressed feelings are the results of being brainwashed to kill the X-Men by Mister Sinister.

  1. It is very likely that Wolverine will die.

        Four years ago, when the trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises” was released, I made the prediction that Batman/Bruce Wayne would die and I was right temporarily and then wrong. A year later, I made this same prediction for Tony Stark’s/Iron Man’s fate in “Iron Man 3” and I ended up being wrong again. I feel much more confident, however, in saying this time around that a popular superhero will die for these reasons:

  1. The story’s plot point in which Wolverine’s healing abilities are decaying is also a major part of “The Death of Wolverine” story in which Wolverine, obviously, died by suffocating in an adamantium encapsulation. I am not positive that this is the way he will die in the movie, but it is definitely a possibility.
  2. This is the last time Jackman will play Wolverine. I doubt that he or 20th Century Fox would want to leave this iconic character’s story on a cliffhanger by showing him alive at the end of the movie. A character being shown alive implies that there will be more to his/her story, which, at least for Jackman, is not the case.
  3. The fan theory of X-23 (Wolverine’s female clone) appearing in “Logan” has been confirmed; this could mean that a newly established X-Men team will recruit her since she is a younger and quicker version of Wolverine, therefore eliminating Logan’s place in the X-Men.

Overall, I thought this trailer was absolutely phenomenal; the mood of the trailer definitely makes audiences feel the pain Logan is feeling deep inside of him and reminds us why we all love this character so much.

“Logan” will be released in IMAX and large format theaters on March 3, 2017. Be sure to share this story and let MV Media know what you think will happen in “Logan”.

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