On Wednesdays Vista Wears Pink

“On Wednesday’s we wear pink.”


This iconic line from the movie Mean Girls has been a running theme since it’s premiere. Today, however, Vista’s Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is bringing pink a whole new meaning. GSA has made today a Pink Out, to show their support for kids who have been bullied.


“Everyone talks about how close the students are in Vista, and we just wanted to show everyone how our strong community can show how we can come together to make a change. Bullying has been a problem, not just inside Vista but all over. No one should have to deal with bullying and the fear it brings along with it, so we decided to make a day where people can show their support,” senior Conner Humann said about today.


Students in all grades are wearing pink to show their support to stop bullying. Junior Becca Gross pinked out because she understands firsthand the effects bullying can have on you. “If you stand up to bullying, you can help save someone’s life.” Gross said.
“We are going to take the power away from the bullies,” senior Kira Amels said. GSA plans for more color outs so Vista can come together as a community and show their support against bullies.

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