“Noah” Movie Review


“Noah,” written and directed by Darren Aronofsky, can be put simply in two words: amazingly weird.

As one could assume, the plot is somewhat based off of the biblical story of Noah’s ark. Whether or not the storyline was on point or not is more than debatable, but it is understandable for the two stories to have their differences as Aronofsky wanted the movie to be enjoyable for believers as well as people from all different faiths.

The movie opens at the beginning of the book of Genesis as God is creating the earth. The focal point of the introduction would be based on the death of Abel by Cain. At that point, the only good left of the world is the descendants of Seth, including Noah, played by Russell Crowe. Noah

The film then skips through Noah’s childhood and shows him later married to Naameh, played by Jennifer Connelly, with three sons. Noah begins having visions of a great flood and travels to his grandfather, Methuselah, played by Anthony Hopkins.

Noah then decides to build an ark, understanding that the world will have to begin again. What he does not manage to understand is whether or not mankind deserves to live on earth anymore.

The plot line, though it may not have been accurate, it was definitely a crowd pleaser. There were many twists and turns throughout the movie, some that were angering and some that were uplifting.

Above all, the cast and crew made the film incredible. The casting could not have been done better. The special effects were also very impressive.

This movie definitely may not be right for everyone, especially if one would be expecting the direct transcription of the Bible, but it is still a film I would recommend. “Noah” has earned itself a four out of five star rating.

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