“No Good Deed” Movie Review


“No Good Deed,” starring Idris Elba and Taraji Henson, wasn’t much else than an extremely basic action flick.

As the film opens up, convicted criminal Colin Evans (Elba) is asking for parole after serving five years in prison for manslaughter. Of course, the head of the parole board doesn’t buy his act and denies him of his pleads. This leads to the sudden death of two guards escorting Evans back to the prison.

Once he has escaped, Evans first decides to visit his ex-fiancee. As predicted, he finds her only to notice she has moved on. Overcome with anger, he kills her and flees the scene.No Good Deed

Not too long after, on what is now a dark and stereotypically stormy night, Evans comes across Terri’s house (Henson) and asks to borrow the phone. Terri, unexpecting of what is in store for her, blatantly invites Evans in.

It’s moments like this in the film that leave you nearly screaming on the edge of your seat questioning how arrogant someone could be.

The rest of the night is then, of course, absolute terror for Terri. She is trapped by the psychopathic narcissist with no way to escape until the film’s final moments.

The movie had plenty of potential to be amazing between the cast and the storyline. Still, it fell far behind expectations. “No Good Deed” was so inauthentic and cliché that not even the plot twists could add enough to make it a must-see.

Despite this, Elba and Henson do manage to make the film bearable as they both play their parts to perfection.

Aside from having a major advantage in the cast, “No Good Deed” was also released at a very opportune time with all the news regarding spousal and child abuse throughout the National Football League.

The film deserves three out of five stars. It definitely isn’t worth the cost of a movie ticket and is barely mediocre enough to make itself worth your time. The only way the trip to the theatre is worthwhile is if you’re into cheesy, unoriginal action films.

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