NFL Referees Repeat the Past


The National Football League’s Monday Night Football game is always one of the largest games played during the week. This week’s game had a very controversial call– one that even the NFL head of officials Dean Blandino said looked off. “In looking at the replays it looked like [an illegal] bat so the enforcement would be basically we would go back to the spot of the fumble and Detroit would keep the football,” Blandino said.

This was much like the “Fail Mary” play that was during the 2012 season. For those of you who don’t know, the fail mary was blown call by a replacement referee. The call gave the Seahawks the win over the Green Bay Packers and is still talked about today.

The call on Monday very easily could change the whole season for the Lions. They were trailing 13-10 with minutes left in the game and should have gotten the ball because of an illegal swat by the Seahawks. If the correct call would have been made, it is argued that they could have won the game.

The Detroit Lions are currently the only team who is currently 0-4 on the regular season. For fans of the NFL and the Lions, the start of this year is starting to look eerily like the 2008 season when they went 0 and 16.

Although it is too soon to tell, there is still that fear of this happening. Whether the controversial call had anything to do with the Lions losing that game, or how they will do the rest of the year is up to you decide.

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