New Year, New Look



On the left side of the front hallway in the upper fours, the Japanese, Canadian, Mexican and German flags are all represented.

On Monday, Aug. 9 and Tuesday, Aug. 10, students will return to Mountain Vista for their first day of the 2015-2016 school year. Among all of the things that are going to be different from last year is a distinct change in the appearance of Vista’s hallways.

The upper four-hundreds, for example, is now sporting paintings of different world flags. Students painted the world language pod to represent what the classes teach.

Right next to the fours, the three-hundreds also got a new paint job. The wall colors throughout the halls are now a variety of grey shades. Students will soon work to paint the spines of every volume of the Aerie yearbook near the media classroom.

The upper five-hundreds also received a makeover to match Vista’s spirit colors, green and gold.


Yoss works on a poster to welcome new teachers to the school. “There’s a teacher breakfast in the morning and we’re going to welcome all of the new teachers,” Yoss said. “We want to get our faces out there so all of the teachers know who leadership is.”

Along with the new paint comes an early boost in school spirit. Already, members of leadership and many other clubs and activities have been hard at work to make next year better than any before.

Among the students helping in these efforts is senior Jenna Yoss. Yoss and others have been working on posters alone since the start of August. “It takes a lot longer than you would think,” Yoss said.

The imagery change is visible at every corner in Mountain Vista. “Some of these [posters] are going to stay up all year if they’re more general,” Yoss said. “We’re decorating to make the school more welcoming and to have more spirit throughout the year.”

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