Net Neutrality Just Got Repealed. What Happens Next?


Net Neutrality is the principle and belief that every consumer should have access to an open and free internet, with no throttling of speeds or manipulation of content. However, as of Thursday, Dec. 14, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal the act, revoking these principles. As a consumer and user of the internet: what happens next?

First, it has to be understood that the act of revoking net neutrality still has the potential of being stopped by congress. By passing a “resolution of disapproval”, Congress is able to overturn the FCC vote. A large amount of people are acting upon the issue, too. According to battleforthenet, there’s been a total of 1,209,485 calls to congress, with 320,768 of them occurring this week. Provided congress doesn’t overturn the vote, then what happens?

Not much. I personally support the principle of Net Neutrality, but a handful of people have blown what’s predicted to happen out of the water versus the reality of what will most likely happen. Net Neutrality was a principle introduced in the United States in 2015. Imagine the internet before 2015, and you’d realize there’s not many differences between now and then. However, this idea hasn’t been reinstated since 2015, so as a result, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) could completely change their ideologies. With so many people watching ISPs like hawks, I’d doubt anything would be drastically changed anytime soon.

Net Neutrality is a principle that should be supported, and hopefully, congress will overrule the vote of the FCC. It’s a matter of time in order to figure out the future of Net Neutrality. With the amount of people watching over ISPs since the FCC vote, there’s a large chance that the web won’t be manipulated as much as people say. Hopefully, we are able to keep the web free and open to all.

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