“Neighbors” Movie Review


Zac Efron and Seth Rogen definitely lived up to the high expectation I had set for “Neighbors,” a movie that I had anticipated the arrival of since I first saw the previews months ago.

When the film opens up, you see the fairly young couple, Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, with their newborn child. They’ve quite obviously fallen in love with the new neighborhood, but there’s still an empty house right next door to them.

Rogen and Byrne make up one of the funniest, mismatched couples. Despite having a newborn child, it’s apparent that they’re still torn between the parent life and the party life.Neighbors

Unfortunately for the two of them, they realize the fraternity is moving in next door. In an attempt to seem “cool” they roll a few joints and go to talk to their neighbors. They meet the frat boys of Delta Psi, led by the president, Zac Efron, and the vice president, Dave Franco, and hit things off nicely. Not too long after, they end up partying together (somewhat by accident).f

Obviously, things don’t remain like this, and soon the two neighbors are at war.  It’s around now that things get truly hilarious. Back and forth, it’s a battle of Rogen and Byrnes trying to get the frat moved out and as far away from their family as possible while Efron, Franco and the crew try their hardest to go down in their frat’s history as legendary by throwing giant parties all night long.

As an R rated movie, it definitely had it share of drug use, foul language and somewhat unnecessary nudity that didn’t really contribute to the plot line, but if you’re looking for some stupid laughs, it’s a great movie. Definitely nothing a kid should be seeing, and probably nothing your parents would be interested in watching, but I’m giving it a five out of five rating.

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