Mysterious Blackout at the Superbowl


The Superbowl on Sunday Feb. 3rd between the 49ers and the Ravens was great, but the real buzz is about the unexplained blackout there was during the game.

There have been numerous rumors about the topic. Of course most people have assumed that it was just a fault in the system, but many have jumped to crazy conclusions, like that the aliens did it!. There was another theory that a group of hackers tapped into the system and turned off the lights, for a reason unknown. That would be a tough system to hack into, so props to them to accomplishing that, but not such a good thing to the viewers who were watching the game, which made the game go into an even longer overtime.

In the end, the game wasn’t messed up from the blackout and put an interesting touch on the Superbowl. Hopefully, aliens nor hackers will interfere on a bigger scale next time!

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