MVM’s First Day in Orlando

Nine staff members and editors from Mountain Vista Media will be spending the weekend in Orlando, Fla. onsite at Walt Disney World for the 2015 Fall National High School Journalism Convention. On this page, you can find a day by day reflection from various members of MVM and photos of what’s going on. 


After rescheduling our canceled flight and leaving the night before we had originally planned to, we arrived in Orlando, Fla.

Even though it wasn’t too fun getting rushed to the airport, it was worth it when we got to spend the entire day at Walt Disney World.


The view of Cinderella’s castle from inside the gates of Magic Kingdom. Photo by: Katie Pickrell

Having never been to Disney before, it was truly an amazing thing to see. The presentation of the entire park and the theatrics of the rides were massively impressive. I can’t believe that on a Wednesday in the middle of November, the place was overflowing with people.

We stayed at the park for about seven hours riding just over five rides. Each line (except a few at the end) took almost an hour of waiting.

After sitting in line after line for ride after ride, we headed down to the Boardwalk for dinner.

Tomorrow is the first day of the convention itself. My friend Kelsey Pharis and I will be working on broadcast and video work off of iOS devices using only our cell phones. Hopefully, we’ll be able to spend another day at Disney– only this time fill the experience with storytelling instead of fun and games.


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