MVHS Orchestra Prepares for Upcoming Feeder Festival


On Wednesday, Jan. 14, Mountain Vista’s Orchestra program will participate in the annual Feeder Festival.

The Feeder Festival gives younger children that are involved in programs within their elementary and middle schools to see what they have the potential to do in higher levels of education given that they choose to continue to play an instrument.

“It’s always really fun because the kids are really cute,” junior violinist Morgan O’Connor said.

O’Connor, like many other members of orchestra, is excited to play for the younger students. “[We’ll] get to meet all of them and this year there’s so many more than usual,” junior violinist Tony Swope said. “That’s the best thing about it.”

The high school level orchestra is not the only orchestra that will have the opportunity to play. “The elementary schools have three songs, then the middle school will play, then we’ll play and at the end we always play the William Tell Overture,” O’Connor said.

Performing the William Tell Overture is a long lasting tradition that occurs at every Feeder Festival. “We don’t have to prepare for IMG_1788 copysongs like William Tell because we play them every year, but all of the new music we get we’ve been working on,” Swope said.

Aside from William Tell, the MVHS Orchestra will be playing some other pieces, both new and familiar.

“We always choose a song that we’ve played at a past concert to play [at the festival] so that we don’t have to spend too much time preparing,” O’Connor said.

“There’s not really a need to prepare for songs like William Tell because we play them every year, but all of the new music we’ll be playing we’ve been working on,” Swope said.

Of course, the members of Vista’s Orchestra (especially those involved in chamber) focus largely on their music no matter what else is going on. “I always practice more than life itself,” Swope said.

When events such as the Feeder Festival happen, there is an increase in the drive for all of the orchestra classes.

“As a whole we’ve been more focused on practicing because we really want to show the younger kids that it’s fun and that they should stick with it,” O’Connor said.

MVHS Orchestra members have the potential to influence future musical and educational careers of the students throughout the Mountain Vista feeder due to events such as the festival. “We want to show them how much better it gets in high school,” Swope said.

The festival will start at 6:30 p.m. at Mountain Ridge Middle School.

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