MVHS Orchestra Members Play in Continental League Concert


Eight members of Mountain Vista High School’s Orchestra were selected to play in the Continental League Symphony Orchestra. The students, along with eight other members from MVHS Band, were granted the opportunity to play at Boettcher Hall in the Denver Center for Performing Arts on Monday, Jan. 12.

The eight students that were able to play in the symphonic orchestra included junior violinist Tony Swope, senior violinist Trey Yu, junior violist Filip Pahs, junior cellist Emily Workman, junior double bass player Doug Meredith, senior flute player Celeste Landy, senior bassoonist Nathan Korinek and senior percussionist Joey McLeran.

“It’s an honor orchestra, so we all had to audition to get in,” Swope said. “So at the concert, I was surrounded by musicians that know how to play.”

“It’s just a really good orchestra to play with and we had a really great conductor this year,” Meredith said. “Because of that we were able to play some really good pieces like Jupiter, which was my favorite to play.”

Other members of the MVHS Orchestra, like Swope, also agreed that Jupiter was the best piece performed. “Musically, because as a musician I like things to be challenging, the most challenging and therefore best piece that we had was probably Jupiter,” Swope said.

All high schools across Douglas County (and Regis Jesuit High School) had students participate in the orchestra. “We all came together as one orchestra to play pieces of music that we’ve only seen maybe a couple of times,” Swope said.

“It was so cool because we got to actually perform in Boettcher Hall which is where the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and the professionals play,” Swope said. “It was something that most people never even think they’d be able to do.”

Playing in the Continental Orchestra was a new environment compared to what the musicians at Mountain Vista are used to.

“You adapt to new conductors pretty quickly,” Meredith said, “but in the Vista Orchestra, you know everyone and you’re sectioned out. You know everyone in your section, you know all the cellos, you know all the violins, all the violas, so [at Continental] it’s a different experience.”

The concert was definitely a success. “It came together so well and it sounded awesome,” Swope said. “When you get standing ovations, you know that other people thought it sounded amazing too.”


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