MV Media Six Word Stories

These are 6 word stories about fall break written by students in the Vista journalism program.

Freshman Amanda Gross- Little sister Sarah’s birthday party fun

Junior Michael Place – Taking flights in new Boeing jets.

Senior Mikayla Olave – Travelled through Monument Valley in fall

Senior Erin Solomon – Visited University of Washington in Seattle

Sophomore Lauren Cowie- Haunted houses, decorations, it’s spook(p)y time.

Sophomore Sarah O’Sullivan- Swept the league meet for XC

Sophomore Chloe Yets – Bad bruises on knees from practice

Sophomore Anne Gerringer- Adventures in Colorado Springs with family.

Sophomore Audrey Brown- Adventures in mountains with good friends

Sophomore Georgia Lane- Took a tumble off a horse

Sophomore Sarah Hensler- Desperately needed downtime post-Quarter 1

Senior Tiara Tambunan – Thirteen dollar piercings on Friday 13th

Senior Hannah Lovell- Relaxed on the beach with friends

Sophomore Jeremy Lundberg – Got my wisdom teeth removed.

Sophomore Jackson Braun- Slept-Party-CSU-Drive-Party-Party

Junior Caitlin English – work, sleep, work, sleep, concert, repeat.

Senior Molly Phelan- Went to the mountains with family

Freshman Judith Sheahan- Vista XC swept schools at Leagues.

Junior Carly Ems- Scary spooky skeleton subsequent superior speech

Sophomore Ryan Karsten- Hung out with some good friends

Junior Victoria Coffman – After dark corn maze and cider

Senior Shayan Zarrin- Ran fast for the League Meet

Junior TJ Coder- Hung out with my good friends

Sophomore Brendan Elkins – Friends Downtown Corn Maze Party Sleep Fun\

Sophomore Max Hutto- I Played Soccer and Had Fun

Sophomore Madison Paul- I Hung Out with friends everyday

Sophomore Hannah Corbet-Thiele- Took pictures and played Just Dance

Junior Ben Yoshida- Saw some grizzly bears in Yellowstone

Sophomore Mindy Herrod- Flew to Chicago, saw musical Hamilton.

Sophomore Lizzie Brenneman- I watched scary movies all day.

Junior Hannah McClain- Spent eight hours in the car

Senior Taryn Glentzer- Varied from watching movies and reading.

Junior Brendan O’Keeffe – The Staten Island Ferry is expensive.

Senior Addisyn Hartman- Went to Arizona and Grand Canyon.

Sophomore Tess Harbert- I ran a lot with friends.

Sophomore Harper Boggs – Went to Vail and Paonia, Colorado


Journalism 1 Student Stories:

Junior Julia Foley- Mountains, movies and memories with family.

Freshman Abbey Johnson- Happiness netflix and my introverted self.

Zachary Bybee: I did absolutely nothing this break.

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