“Daddy’s Home” Movie Review


Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg come together starring in “Daddy’s Home” mixing comedic genius and some serious muscle.  

“Daddy’s Home” is a family-friendly comedy highlighting the struggles of step-fatherhood. Ferrell as Brad Whitaker, the quiet, naive stepfather, and Wahlberg as Dusty Mayron, the muscular, “fun” dad, challenge each other to see who truly is the best “dad.”

Brad is a radio executive who strives to find the best in people. His kindhearted and innocent personality leaves him hanging (literally hanging in a wall) while trying to impress his step-children in front of Dusty. Throughout the movie the two of them go back and forth one-upping the other attempting to earn their children’s acceptance. But by the end of the movie the two battling fathers have come to the agreement that their differences, and both of their presences, can be beneficial to the kids after all.

Ferrell never seems to disappoint the audience, offering a character similar to Buddy who he played in the movie “Elf.” It appears that Ferrell does his best acting when his character is clueless, innocent and not quite in his element. Although in “Daddy’s Home” his characters jokes weren’t really “cracked” as much as they were directed at his faults, they still received a large amount of laughter from the audience.

Spending a large chunk of the movie lacking a shirt, Wahlberg offers sarcasm and his usual grungy, dead-beat attitude.

I would give this movie four stars because of its excellent characters and story line. Together Ferrell and Wahlberg create a stellar comedy with a heart-warming ending, something that everyone can enjoy.

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