Movie Review: Bridge Of Spies

CHARLIE PENVARI One of the most notable films of Steven Spielberg’s career, Bridge of Spies had a lot to live up to. The movie features James Donovan (played by Tom Hanks), a well renowned insurance lawyer hired by the US Government to represent an alleged Soviet spy. After not standing a chance in the courtroom, Donovan fights for life imprisonment for the spy which he was granted, mainly for reasons of future trade with the soviets in the case that an American spy is also captured. Later on, Donovan’s actions were the correct actions, as a highly secret American spy plane, the U-2, was shot down in Soviet Territory, and the CIA wanted Donovan to negotiate the swap.


Spielberg showed the fear and the attitudes of Americans especially well. The movie addresses the idea of equality for everybody, and how fear can blind people to the facts and to doing the right thing. In addition, Spielberg also shows how Americans think of their service members. When the U-2 pilot, Gary Powers (played by Austin Stowell), many Americans thought of him as a traitor and coward, for not committing suicide or self destructing the plane, and letting the Soviets capture him. Spielberg shows the humanity and the human thing that Powers did, and that was the hope to go home and see his family, the same thing we saw Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl do in 2009.


Overall the movie was well shot, a well developed plot and dialogue, although it didn’t live up to the expectations of some Hollywood critics, Bridge Of Spies was one of the best thought out movies of 2015.

I give it a 9/10

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