Mountain Vista Varisty Softball Regionals: Photo Gallery

The Mountain Vista Varsity Softball team went 9-13 on the season that came to an end last weekend on Oct. 12 during regional playoffs.IMG_3887 IMG_3831 IMG_3795 IMG_4004 IMG_3993 IMG_3726 IMG_3889 IMG_3882 IMG_3879 IMG_3852 IMG_3842 IMG_3700 IMG_3673 IMG_3598 IMG_3632 IMG_3592 IMG_3577 IMG_3572 IMG_3531 IMG_3516 IMG_3506 IMG_3488 IMG_3425 IMG_3378 IMG_3365 IMG_3366 IMG_3219 IMG_3233 IMG_3275 IMG_3309 IMG_3312 IMG_3316 IMG_3339 IMG_3353 IMG_3261 IMG_3266 IMG_3350 IMG_4038 IMG_4012 IMG_3951 IMG_3948 IMG_3933 IMG_3915 IMG_3898

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