Mountain Vista Seniors Sign to Play College Sports


On Feb. 1, 25 senior athletes from Mountain Vista signed on to their respective colleges at the Letter of Intent ceremony. The Letter of Intent is a day where student athletes officially sign and commit to a college. “In all my years as a teacher, high school and college coach, assistant principal and athletic director, this is my favorite part of my job,” Athletic Director Shawn Terry said when he opened the ceremony.

Senior Jacob Frane committed to play Men’s Lacrosse at Notre Dame. “He’s a kindhearted guy and a committed person,” Coach Jamie Munro said.

Senior Colin Munro committed to play Men’s Lacrosse at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “You’re a great player but you’re also a great teammate and you have a great attitude,” Munro said.

Senior Evan Place committed to play Men’s Lacrosse at the Air Force Academy. “Evan is one of the most skilled players in the state,” Munro said.

Senior Annie Ell committed to play Women’s Volleyball at the University of Rhode Island. “Annie is one of those players I think that is a very rare player that comes along in a while,” Coach Doug Schafer said.

Senior Alyssa Oswald committed to play Women’s Volleyball at McNeese State University. “For anyone who has gone to any games you will definitely know this is Alyssa, right off the bat,” Schafer said.

Senior Madison Wisniewski committed to play Women’s Volleyball at Henderson State University. “One of the first things you notice about Maddy is what a very good athlete she is,” Schafer said. “She is very quick and jumps amazingly well, more than anyone I’ve ever seen in a long time.”

Senior Colton Blatchford committed to play baseball at the Air Force Academy. “For the first time as a player and as a coach this is a perfect fit. Not only for Cole but for the Air Force Academy,” Coach Ron Quintana said.

Senior Paige McGuire committed to play softball at Black Hills State in South Dakota. “She ended her career in a big bang and I know she’s going to continue doing those types of things for her new college,” Coach Bret Grammerstorf said.

Senior Kirsten Rumbold committed to play women’s soccer at the University of Central Arkansas. “I can’t say enough about this super special, young athlete. Resilient is definitely one of the words that suits Kirsten,” Coach Theresa Echtermeyer said.

Senior Mia Bonifazi committed to play Women’s Soccer at the University of San Francisco. “You’re a true leader, you get the big picture, you care about people and you are a fantastic soccer player,” Echtermeyer said, “The University of San Francisco is so blessed to have you in their program.”

Senior Katie Joella committed to play women’s soccer at the University of Colorado Boulder. “She’s got this spirit and this energy that everybody feeds off of, you just want to be around her, she makes her entire team better,” Echtermeyer said.

Senior Haley Schueppert committed to play Women’s Soccer at Clemson University. “She was chosen as a captain for one primary reason. Because she is going to be the player that is going to make all of us better and looks out for the girls,” Echtermeyer said.

Senior Avery Adams committed to play Women’s Soccer at the University of Montana. “She is a kind, selfless team player,” Echtermeyer said.

Senior Shelby Unruh committed to play Women’s Soccer at Alabama State. “If you’re around Shelby and you’re not smiling, you must be sleeping. Shelby is one of those contagious, passionate, wonderful, positive people, full of energy and just caring,” Echtermeyer said.

Senior Madison Urbana committed to play Women’s SOccer at LeTourneau University. “Works hard in the class, works hard on the pitch. I think one of the things that we love about Madison is she is super, super coachable and wants to get better,” Echtermeyer said.

Senior Morgan Reed committed to play Women’s Soccer at Virginia Wesleyan College. “Morgan’s been a core player here at Vista all four years. Her work rate is second to none,” Echtermeyer said.

Senior Davis Auth committed to play Men’s Soccer at University of Vermont. “Off the field he’s that guy, that leader, who keeps us composed, strong and unified,” Echtermeyer said.

Senior Casey Zhong committed to play Women’s Tennis at Lehigh University. “She is the first girl in Mountain Vista history to ever sign in a division one scholarship. I have a daughter who is 18 months old. She is my only daughter. She will be my only daughter, and I hope and pray that my daughter grows up to be like Casey Zhong,” Coach Jim Flanigan said.

Senior Kellen Parker committed to play Football at Colorado School of Mines. “Kellen was a great player for us this year and he’s done some amazing things on the football field,” Coach Ric Cash said.

Senior Andres Cano committed to play Football at Hasting College. “His younger training days with judo helped him translate his skills onto the football field,” Cash said.

Senior Tabitha Diehl committed to play Women’s Golf at Rhodes College. “In the short amount of time she’s qualified for state championships twice, regionals twice and then she was actually at the top 17 out of 84 players, last year at the %A state tournament,” Coach Tim Taylor said.

Senior Abby Walz committed to play women’s basketball at Colorado College. “I am so very proud of Abby Walz, the player and the person,” Coach Mike Wilihan said. “She’s made me a better coach and a better person.”

Senior Sydnie Saddoris committed for Girls Swimming to University of Sioux Falls. “I could not think of anyone else other that Sydnie, who belongs in that leadership model,” Coach Rob Nasser said.

Senior Jared Connell committed for Wrestling to Graceland University. “He did a great job as a 3 year varsity starter and competitor through his hard work, determination and sacrifice,” Coach Adam Bittler said.

Senior Chase Pflueger committed for Fencing to Penn State. “Chase I’m very proud of you. You are a great young man, congratulations,” Flanigan said.

“This is up to today, one of the most important decisions of your life,” Terry said.

Athletes around the nation signed to play for different colleges. Congratulations to the 25 students who signed from Vista.

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