Mountain Vista Men’s Soccer versus Fort Collins


Boys soccer is now in full swing as they played Fort Collins High School, Thursday afternoon. They tied the team 0-0 after going into double overtime.

Louie Sawaged and most of the other captains were frustrated with the tie because they knew they could have done better.

“We went into double overtime on Tuesday so we knew what to do and stay calm,” said captain Louie Sawaged.

As expected it is always tough to end a game with a tie even though the Mountain Vista Men’s clearly had the upper hand during the entire game.

“0-0 did not define the game at all if you watched it, it should have been 3 or 4 goals total for us,” said Sawaged.

Its early in the season but the players are pushing themselves harder and harder to be the Continental League champions.

They have been working hard on their fitness for games to come as well as improving their communication while on the field.  “One thing our team needs to work on is communication, I mean we have great chemistry but when we talk our passing just gets better,” said senior Jack Veihman, captain.

Captain Louie Sawaged attempted to pump up the team by reminding them of all the hard work they have been putting into practice and all the fitness they have been doing so that they can be ready when they do have to play overtime.


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