Mountain Vista Media: Six Word Stories

Many MVM staff and editors wrote some six word stories to describe how their Fall Break was. 


Ben Yoshida- Visited colleges and ate good food.

Keyahn Golgoon- Bernie, Hopkins, American, G-Wash, goo time.

Andie Srdoc – Helicopter ride, gnarly waves, Hawaiian living.

Ian Ferguson- Went fishing, Everything else was trash.

Arianna Dimercurio -Movies with friends, Kansas is flat

Jett Crowson- Got sick, stayed at home mostly

Jarom Edwards- Got a car, moved to Parker

Lauren Gano – Movies with friends, lots of popcorn

Leah Deminski- Traveled alone and managed to survive

Greyson Koinzan- Just nothingness, all across the West

Katy Harris – Full of sports, work, and movies.

Michael Place- I have to work for Boeing!

Drew Stahl- Scottsdale, Arizona is awesome in October

Julia Driggs- Visited my big brothers in Utah.

Claire VanDeStouwe- I rediscovered my love of reading.

Charlie Fu- Watched Masterminds with all my friends

Morgan MacLean- Went on a cruise, two countries

Emma Friesen – Planning my sister’s wedding with her

Addisyn Hartman- Visited Maui and Kauai, relaxing week.

Morgan Nichols- I worked a lot and slept.

Keaton Deppey – I went to Arizona and hiked.

Matisse Molina- Ate two bags of candy corn

Claire Beckman- Went to Minnesota and turned 18

Lexi Riga- Spent time with friends, ate food.

Lauren Irwin- Disney World was crowded, hot, fun

David Robinson – I saw the strangest movie ever.

Austin Sack- Parents took the whole week off.

Gannon Rushall- I found new opportunities at Mizzou

Conner Davis- I did a lot of driving 

Shayan Zarrin- I got sick, and I ran 

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