Mountain Vista Art Students Recipients at Douglas County School District’s High School’s 2013 Art Awards


The Art Department has announce the new winners of 2013 High School Art Awards. Many students got honorable mention and even 1st and  2nd places in the competition from Mountain Vista. The show will be up until April 12, at Park Meadows on the Lower level between Dillards and JC Penny’s.

“The competition was pretty steep there was a lot of people who put a lot of pieces in and there is a lot of effort put into it,” Sami Roberts, senior, said. “This made it hard for the judges to make a decision on who was going to win the competition”

“It was an exciting experience because I have had stuff from art shows before, but I never actually won anything and this time I got a ribbon,” Samantha Alexander, senior, said”  I made a lot of designs this semester, so will see what happens later on.”

Wearable Jewelry Awards:

Ryan Finn, 1st Place 9th Grade AAFCU Award

George Richman, Honorable Mention

Sami Roberts, Honorable Mention

Samantha Chase, Honorable Mention

Francis Coleman, Honorable Mention


Non-Wearable Jewelry Awards:

Michael Santini, Honorable Mention

Sami Roberts, Honorable Mention


Ceramics Awards:

Samantha Alexander, Honorable Mention

Martin Bunker, Honorable Mention


Sculpture Awards:

Daniel Tripple, Honorable Mention

Drawing Awards

Alec Hewlett, Honorable Mention


Photography Awards:

Devin Marcin, 2nd place

Kelly Strecker, Honorable Mention


Altered Photography Awards:

Will Hipp, Honorable Mention

Autumn Gale, Honorable Mention

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