More Than the Music

For senior Daniel Shugert, band is something more than tapping sticks on drums, or strumming strings, or blowing air into a piece of metal to make music — it’s his passion.

Shugert’s dad is a music teacher, so he has been exposed to music for as long as he can remember. “It’s good that he teaches music,” Shugert said, “that way he can help me with the instruments and music I play.”

Shugert has learned to play several different instruments over the years, but his favorite is the guitar.IMG_0969+

It was not just from the support and the help of Shugert’s dad, but also from the band teacher Darren DeLaup, who inspired Shugert through his love and skill of playing music. “Darren Delaup helps give students a chance to pursue their passion for music,” Shugert said.

This is the second year with a new director, DeLaup, who came from Douglas County High School with a positive reputation, Romine said. He restarted the marching Band with a turnout of 50 students in its second year.
“I enjoy his passion for music and how much he loves digging into the music. We don’t really take time off because he is always excited about the next thing we can learn. He definitely knows his stuff,” Shugert said.

Shugert and the Jazz Band went to Jazz Festival at Denver Metro State as well as going to Disney World. Through these experiences, the band acquired a better understanding of how to improve the jazz technique, Shugert said. “When we went, they had judges that are specific to our instrument and they came up after our performance and played with us to show us what we need to work on.”

But it isn’t all about the scores. The students learn something new everyday just in class. Shugert has been in the band program since freshman year and said he has applied many lessons to his life today from band class.
“There are a bunch of different skills you can learn from band,” Shugert said, “One is looking ahead. In music, you have to look ahead and see what is coming next and that is also a good life skills.”
He has learned a great deal about multi-tasking. “You have to think of all the things you have to be aware of like other music sections, crescendos and the conductor’s signals,” Shugert said.

Shugert, along with band members, had the opportunity to go on the band and choir Disney World Trip over spring break. “We were chosen to perform at Disney World, and we went to workshops where we could be critiqued,” Shugert said. “I think every musician should get the chance to travel for music or performing. It was a great experience and I learned a lot from it.”

Band students said that this year was a year for improvement and learning. For Shugert, it meant having the opportunity to become more proficient in the understanding of something he loves so much. The lessons learned through the band program and the traveling experiences are applicable in everyday life; being aware of this changes a musician’s future and will lead them to success, Delaup said.

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