Students don’t often come to school early on a Monday morning in an enthusiastic state unless, of course, it’s Wish Week. Members of Student Leadership (StudLe) arrived at 6:40 a.m. today in order to prepare for the week and organize the distribution of Wish Week ribbons that are handed out every year.

The StudLe crew took to the main entrances of the school with plastic cups full of  ribbons and pins and welcomed the Golden Eagles as they walked inside. StudLe did this in order to inspire and show support for Gabby, the 2018 Wish Kid.

The energy at the lower entrance was high as the group of students there played music and burst through the doors every time a group entered the walkway. Junior Abby Jensen manned one of the doors and shouted “welcome” at full volume along with her peers.

“The best part about handing out ribbons is putting a smile on peoples’ faces and having fun with the people in leadership,” Jensen said.

Studle’s orange ribbons are meant to symbolize unity among all of the students in working towards the school’s goal of granting Gabby’s wish. The added spirit in which Jensen and her peers took to the door is often a contagious method of getting people hyped for the upcoming events as well as the greater meaning of the week.

“My favorite part of Wish Week is the happiness and excitement you see through the halls and the fact that you are helping someone who has a life threatening disease feel special for one week,” Jensen said. “I’m looking forward to seeing Gabby’s face when we tell her we granted her wish.”   

Gabby’s wish is to be made famous in order to create a platform for helping other kids like her. In a way, Jensen and the other greeters’ enthusiasm made every student that walked through the door famous for a few moments, creating the school’s own platform of Golden Eagles to grant Gabby’s wish.

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