“Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” Movie Review


I write this almost out of place, as I’ve somehow never seen any of the other Mission Impossible movies. In spite of that, the movie seemed to live up to what I’ve heard of the franchise’s name. From start to end, it was thrilling and unbelievable with a plot that was so intricate it was almost impossible to follow.

The star of the show, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), is stuck believing that a secret group of rogue spies is working to bring down governments and promote disunity all across the world. The group, which he refers to as the “Syndicate,” is wreaking havoc across every corner of the earth, ultimately acting as the opposite of a peacekeeping organization.

Unfortunately for Hunt, no one else seems to believe his idea, thinking rather that it’s something he himself fabricated to give the IMF a reason for existence.

The audience is quickly able to dispel this myth when Hunt comes across Syndicate member Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) and Syndicate leader Lane (Sean Harris). What’s strange is that the union isn’t just a one-time meeting, it’s a repetitive occurrence that comes about at multiple times throughout the film.

Like in almost every movie, romance pops into the scene. There seems to be a love attraction between Faust and Hunt, but the pair struggle to capitalize off the undeniable chemistry.

What follows is practically a manhunt for government fugitives (a list that includes Hunt’s name somewhere close to the top). The film’s twists and turns go further than confusing characters, reaching across to perplex the audience.

Despite the unpredictability, everything falls perfectly into place in the end, but not before enough conflict to push the audience to the edge of their seats presents itself.

Overall, the movie was impressive enough to gain four out of five stars. It might not be the best thing in theaters or the most recent talk of the town, but it’s still worth seeing on the big screen.

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