Math Club Takes the Title


On Friday November 3, math teachers Jeffery Olson and Charity Smith took a group of eight students to the annual Math Day Competition at Colorado State University (CSU).

In order to participate, students answered a certain set of questions, either as a team or as individual competitors against rival schools for a chance to win.

“I never knew how intense a math competition could be,” junior Aditi Narwaney said. “But, it is really fun working in a team and the time crunch makes it all exhilarating.”

Earning third place overall, the competition marked the continued success of the Math Club, which was started last year.

“Each round was one team versus another, answering the questions and trying to earn more points than the other,” senior Simon Pozder said. “This developed collaboration as well as critical thinking.”

After reflecting on their experiences, members of the Math Club are excited to see what the rest of the competition season has in store.

“The competition was a phenomenal experience,” Pozder said. “[It pushed] the boundaries of what I’m capable of and [is] really proving what I’m worth regarding mathematics.”

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