Marching Band Wins at State Fair

//Carly Ems//

The Golden Eagles Marching Band is a club like no other. Students participating in this club may come from different backgrounds, but it’s marching band that gives them the opportunity to create a family by coming together and sharing their passion.

Student’s hourless dedication and preparation led the marching band to victory on Saturday, Aug. 26 at this year’s State Fair. Located in Pueblo, CO, the State Fair is one of the Band’s favorite competition spots.

Spending six and a half hours of practice together and even more time on their own, when prepping for a football game, marching band students show that they truly care about the music they make.

Junior Jensen Rogers is an example of how his passion fuels his work ethic. “Really, it’s something that becomes a priority in your life the moment you join,” Rogers said. Rogers, who has been involved in playing musical instruments since the first grade, decided to join marching band when he heard upperclassmen talk about how good of an experience it is to participate in. “They were absolutely right,” Rodgers said.

Band members often hold beliefs that they can get overlooked or assumptions can be made of them. Junior Karlie Bonds, baritone player said, “People tend to assume that marching band is easy. There’s so much that we’re doing at once and it takes a lot of hard work to get it right. People should know that marching band actually is very physically challenging. It may not look like it, but until you’re in one, you never truly understand how hard it is.”

The work the students put into their practice, not only reflects that their passion makes it all worth it, but students truly enjoy all aspects of being in the band. Whether it’s spending time with friends or getting to travel to competitions, it makes the hard work worth it. 


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