March Madness: 75th Anniversary


This year March Madness begins today Thursday, Mar. 21 and will end on Monday, April 8.

The madness can be viewed on TruTV, CBS, TBS, TNT, the March Madness live app and online at

The 2013 tournament will mark the seventy-fifth anniversary of the tournament.

NCAA1939 was the first year of March Madness. That year 15,025 people attended all of the games. The Oregon Webfoots won and 79 total points were scored in the championship game.

30 years later in 1969; 165,712 people attended all of the games and the UCLA Bruins took the title with 164 total points scored in the championship game.

Last year in 2012; 717,185 people attended all of the games. The University of Kentucky Wildcats won. 126 points were scored overall this game.

With 68 teams this year, expect many more things to come in the 2013 tournament.

Keep an eye out for these spectacular players.

Andre Roberson-CU. He is second in the nation in defense with 11.3 rebounds per game(RPG) and he averages 10.9 Points Per Game (PPG).

Jeff Withey- KU. He is second on his team in points with 13.6 PPG and leads his team in rebounds with 8.4 RPG and is third in the nation in blocks with 3.8 Blocks per game (BLKPG).

Mason Plumlee- Duke: The high flying Blue Devil averages 17.2 PPG and 10.2 RPG

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